Why businesses should care more about energy efficiency

Why businesses should care more about energy efficiency


Energy efficiency is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of business. Energy efficiency, simply defined, is using less energy to perform the same task and reducing any energy waste to improve productivity. Despite its inherent benefits for businesses and communities, energy efficiency is often sidelined in most business conversations because of competing priorities.

You may ask, why should more businesses invest in energy efficiency solutions?  

First and foremost, investing in energy efficiency solutions can result in significant cost savings. Conducting an energy audit might seem like an unnecessary step to some, but it has long-term financial benefits. Having a data-driven energy audit can help your business assess how you consume power and identify power efficiency and conservation opportunities. This then helps you see ways in which your business can optimize energy use— saving on energy costs once implemented.

Aside from the cost savings on your electric bill, the increased operational efficiency also lessens the possibility of unforeseen interruptions in your process. Unforeseen interruptions lead to unforeseen costs. Being aware of your energy use is the first step to being more energy-efficient.

Aside from conducting an energy audit, other solutions that can help you lower energy costs in the long run include installing rooftop solar panels, getting a remote energy monitoring system, switching to LED light bulbs, and even investing in regular maintenance for your major electrical equipment and HVAC systems.

Next, taking active steps toward energy efficiency is also important to comply with the Department of Energy’s requirements. If your facility consumes at least 100,000 kWh annually, you are required to comply with the requirements of the Republic Act No. 11285 or the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act of 2019. This law aims to institutionalize energy efficiency and conservation and to incentivize the reduction of energy consumption. It also encourages the adoption of energy-efficient solutions and programs to contribute toward national energy security and environmental goals. 

Lastly, energy efficiency is good for our environment. Being energy-efficient doesn’t just help reduce cost or ensure compliance, it also simultaneously lowers your carbon footprint. Carbon emissions worsen the effects of climate change. By pursuing energy efficiency, you are doing your part toward a greener, cleaner, and more resilient Philippines.

We believe that now, more than ever, there is a greater call for businesses, communities, and organizations to rethink the way we consume power. We need to optimize processes by adapting energy efficiency practices. Doing so can help lower our overall carbon emissions, which is crucial in our fight against the climate crisis.

With all these reasons in mind, businesses must consider energy efficiency in their long-term goals. While tackling energy efficiency may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Having a reliable energy partner like First Gen Corporation that can provide various tailor-fit solutions to help you reach your decarbonization and productivity goals can help make the process more convenient and bring more value to your business.

First Gen is a known leading producer of 100% Clean and Green energy with a diverse portfolio of zero-coal energy sources such as geothermal, solar, hydro, wind, and natural gas. Aside from being a trusted supplier of clean energy, First Gen also offers energy efficiency solutions such as Rooftop Solar, Energy Audit, Transformers, Thermal Scanning, Remote Energy Monitoring System (REMS), Preventive Maintenance Services, Waste Heat Recovery, and many more — making it a one-stop shop for various energy needs.

By addressing energy efficiency, you are investing in long-term cost savings, regulatory compliance, and risk management. Most importantly, you are contributing to the collective effort toward greening our businesses, communities, and organizations. Together, we can take steps toward a decarbonized and regenerative future for all.


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