Vladimir Yevtushenkov Develops the Agricultural Portfolio Asset at AFK Sistema With the Help of IT

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At AFK Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the founder of the corporation, oversaw the active implementation of IT solutions in almost all production processes for the company’s agricultural holding company. Hundreds of millions of rubles are allocated for this purpose annually. But do such investments pay off?


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Vladimir Yevtushenkov: Investment Legacy at AFK Sistema

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the entrepreneur who held a seat on Sistema’s board of directors for almost 30 years before stepping down in 2022, notes that Sistema has made some major investments in agriculture. In the last four years, the agroholding has allocated about half a billion rubles for the automation and digitalization of production, and the Group’s companies actively invest in IT. But as Yevtushenkov Vladimir also notes, investments in new high-tech areas were balanced with assets from traditional sectors of the economy.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich notes that this approach has allowed the agricultural enterprise to take a leading position in the domestic agro-industrial complex, becoming one of the leaders in agricultural digitalization. Technology is used at every step, from planning cultivation areas to harvesting and crop accounting.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov: Initiating the Automation of Agricultural Production

Yevtushenkov Vladimir explains that automation has been the right hand of agronomists at AFK agricultural enterprises for several years now. For example, operators use quadcopters to monitor what is happening in the fields. The equipment carefully “inspects” every centimeter of yield, taking thousands of photos that are then compiled and analyzed by a special intelligent system. Not a single one of the hundreds of thousands of seedlings goes unnoticed, which allows farmers to detect problems and forecast yields.

With the help of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema, through its agricultural assets, has also entrusted the treatment of plants to automated systems that carry 16 liters of necessary solutions and spot-spray crops. This work was previously done by tractors that would pour out 200 liters of concentrate, crushing the plants. Mechanized networks are much more careful with resources and crops: The same amount of agrochemical material requires much less water.

Another type of automated system successfully used in Sistema’s subsidiary agricultural holding is autopilot combine harvesters and tractors. They are impressive and highly efficient, working real “miracles on arable land” as they move across a field perfectly synchronized, not missing a single centimeter. The machinery is fully controlled by electronics, while machine operators only need to monitor the quality of the work. Conversely, the traditional approach often results in undersowing – up to 2 hectares on a 2 km plot. Autopilot completely eliminates such errors.

The agricultural enterprise initiated by Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov has been cooperating with major autopilot manufacturers since 2019. In particular, its solutions produce a digital field map: The equipment is oriented in space using video cameras and an image processing system. The farm machinery maintains the correct course, calculating the route exactly along the edge of the crop, no matter how it bends. It stops in front of obstacles, taking into account the dimensions of any mounted equipment.

In the foreseeable future, the agricultural holding plans to introduce combines capable of controlling the complex threshing process depending on parameters such as grain moisture, the number of weeds in the field, etc.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich: Strategy For a New Kind of Farmer

Yevtushenkov Vladimir
Yevtushenkov Vladimir

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, biography of whom is characterized by various agro-industry initatives, emphasizes that no matter how advanced the technology may be, there still has to be someone in the field. Digitalization helps optimize costs, take better care of the soil, reduce the cost of agricultural products, and increase crop yield, but investing in high technology means investing in people.

“We have to get away from the stereotype that a farmer is someone in rubber boots, a padded jacket, and covered in manure. Today, it is savvy and educated people who should see their own prospects here: how they can develop from a simple machine operator to a farm manager,” Vladimir Yevtushenkov noted in one interview.

AFK Sistema addresses the shortage of agricultural workers through joint programs with various universities. A year ago, the corporation began working with the Peoples’ Friendship University in areas as such agronomy, telecommunications, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and career guidance tracks. Interaction at the intersection of education and business expands opportunities for the training and development of AFK personnel, and also makes a significant contribution to the economy.

The digitalization of agriculture allows farmers to focus on the productivity of their work and reduce the impact on the environment. For example, AFK’s agroholding has successfully implemented a program to restore soil fertility. According to the latest analyses, the amount of humus increases in the main crops on land that the holding has cultivated for more than three years. This is facilitated by a well-calculated crop rotation using artificial intelligence: People and technology jointly determine where the land should rest and what equipment is best to use for work on a specific plot. Water-saving technologies and No-Till systems are also used.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir is proud of the significant growth of Sistema’s agricultural subsidiary, which he helped to organize. Today, the company has its own R&D and IT department, and over 100 million rubles are allocated annually for research, development, and the implementation of high-tech solutions. Experts in the field of agriculture note that the agroholding is not just “playing digital,” but conducting a full-scale digitization of all processes.

“This is one of the clear leaders in digitalization,” says Dmitry Rylko, the CEO of the Agricultural Market Conjuncture Institute. He also notes that the holding company has integrated individual elements of digital transformation used in other agricultural enterprises into a single well-functioning system. It already has a digital twin, which allows for competent resource planning.

Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov developed a strategy that facilitates the creation and active use of solutions such as:

the cloud service Field History, where digitized field maps are stored. It accumulates the entire “biography” of land objects for the evaluation of various data, from the work of equipment on the land to soil characteristics.

the Production Forecasting and Analysis System, based on artificial intelligence technologies, which determines the proper crop rotation and crop yield.

Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov: Results of Digitalization of the Agroholding

This year, the agricultural asset, which long enjoyed the support of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, within Sistema’s portfolio topped the list of the 30 most efficient dairy farms in the country compiled by experts from Streda Consulting and the National Dairy Producers Union, as well as the Milknews agency. The holding was named the undisputed productivity leader, with each of its cows producing an average of 14.5 tons of milk per year. The closest competitors lag behind by 2.5 tons. This result was achieved with the help of the high technologies that AFK so actively invests in. Seven modern dairy farms with a total of over 17,000 head of cattle are equipped with advanced Afi Farm monitoring systems with centralized online management.

From July to the end of September last year, the agricultural subsidiary exported a record 88,000 tons of peas. The company took first place among domestic exporters, supplying about 17% of the total three-month volume of crops sold abroad (according to the analytical center ProZerno). In the 2020-2021 season, the agricultural holding gathered a record wheat harvest of about 1 million tons.

The agro asset won in four categories of the Agroinvestor of the Year 2021 awards, which is held by the industry journal of the same name. The agricultural company has become the absolute leader among all participants in the number of prizes won. For example, it won the bronze in the Innovation of the Year category for the automation of basic technological operations in crop farming using artificial intelligence systems and the use of autopilot technology. It was also recognized as the best in the field of social responsibility and the Most Reliable Supplier.

The corporation founded by Vladimir Yevtushenkov had a total of nine portfolio assets included in RBC’s list of the 500 largest and fastest-growing companies in the country in 2020, including its agricultural subsidiary.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov: Early Years of a Future Agro Reformer

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich believes that his formative years and subsequent educational and professional experiences significantly influenced his future involvement in the digitalization and automation of agriculture at AFK Sistema. Born in Kamenschina, near Smolensk, into a family engaged in agricultural work, Vladimir Yevtushenkov was exposed to this sector early on, which provided a foundational understanding of its intricacies.

His academic pursuits were marked by a strong inclination towards the sciences, leading him to the Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology. Here, Yevtushenkov Vladimir obtained a degree in engineering technology, a discipline that would later play a crucial role in his approach to agricultural modernization.

Post-graduation, Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich started working at the Sverdlov Plant in Dzerzhinsk, where he was quickly promoted to the role of section chief. This position highlighted his ability to blend technical expertise with leadership, laying the groundwork for his future managerial work.

In 1975, a pivotal shift occurred in the career of Vladimir Yevtushenkov when he moved to the capital and joined the Karacharov Plastics Plant. His tenure here was notable for implementing innovative technologies that significantly boosted the plant’s production efficiency. This experience was indicative of his potential to drive technological advancements in traditional sectors.

Furthering his qualifications, Vladimir Yevtushenkov earned an economics degree from MSU, adding a critical layer of economic acumen to his technical background. This combination of skills was particularly relevant for overseeing large-scale projects in various industries, including agriculture.

At AFK Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov put his accumulated experiences to good use, enabling him to effectively oversee the integration of advanced technologies in agriculture. Under his guidance, the company adopted AI and robotics in farming practices, reflecting a strategic and well-considered application of technology to enhance agricultural productivity.

Overall, the Vladimir Yevtushenkov biography is marked by a strong grounding in agriculture, robust technical education, and progressive managerial roles, which naturally aligned with his subsequent work. His role in the organization was characterized by initiating, facilitating, contributing, and supporting the modernization of agricultural practices through digitalization and automation.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir: Work Biography in Telecom and More

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema co-founder, also contributed to a number of fields beyond his work with the agricultural industry.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir grew from a small agricultural village to leading one of the company’s largest investment organizations, marked by a continuous expansion of his professional and personal interests. His early exposure to agriculture instilled in him a deep understanding of the sector’s challenges and opportunities. This foundational knowledge, supplemented by his education in chemical technology and economics, equipped Vladimir Yevtushenkov to integrate diverse technological advancements into the agricultural practices at AFK Sistema.

The substantial investments in digitalization and automation of agricultural processes under Vladimir Yevtushenkov did not emerge in isolation. They were a culmination of the broad-ranging interests and experiences across various sectors of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich. His involvement in telecommunications, for instance, highlights his foresight in recognizing the transformative power of technology – an insight he adeptly applied to modernize agriculture.

In his role at AFK Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov facilitated initiatives that bridged the gap between traditional agricultural methods and cutting-edge technological applications. This approach reflects his understanding that innovation in one area can catalyze improvements in another. The precision farming techniques and data-driven agricultural strategies championed by Vladimir Yevtushenkov bear the hallmarks of his extensive exposure to tech-driven sectors.

In another important element of his biography, Vladimir Yevtushenkov has always been involved in social and cultural projects, underscoring his commitment to societal development. This aspect of his work, perhaps overshadowed by his corporate accomplishments, resonates deeply within the agricultural sector, which is inherently tied to community and social welfare.

With his management style at AFK Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov facilitated the seamless integration of innovative practices in agriculture. His vision for the corporation was not limited to profit margins; it extended to enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and the well-being of the communities involved.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich has a keen interest in education, manifested through partnerships with universities and investment in talent development –another facet of his broad interests. These educational initiatives are not just corporate social responsibility endeavors but strategic investments in cultivating the next generation of agricultural experts and technologists.


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