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Navigating the Landscape through Expertise, Innovation, and Leadership!

The inspection industry is a critical component of various sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, mining, and construction. It ensures the safety and reliability of assets, ensuring optimal operations and reducing downtime. Axis Inspection Contracting JSC is a leading provider of inspection and Maintenance services in Saudi Arabia, with a wide-ranging portfolio of services encompassing Inspection Services, conventional NDT, Advanced NDT, and Industrial Plant Maintenance.

At the helm of AXIS is General Manager/Director Srinivas Budde, a seasoned inspection specialist and industrialist with over two decades of experience. He holds certifications from the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) as an NDT Level III in methods, all backed by a strong background in metallurgical engineering.

Srinivas is committed to leading AXIS into the future as a trusted partner for inspection and maintenance services. He envisions a company that is at the forefront of technological innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Let’s delve in to learn more about the fascinating journey:

Inspection Expertise and Industry Leadership

Srinivas is an Inspection Specialist and Industrialist, holding certifications from the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) as an NDT Level III in methods including RT, UT, MT, PT, VT, ML, and ET, all backed by a strong background in Metallurgical Engineering. Additionally, he is a National Board Authorized ASME Pressure Vessel Inspector and holds certifications from the American Petroleum Institute in 510, 570, and 653 Inspection.

Commencing his career in 1996 as a Jr. Engineer in India, he garnered two years of valuable experience before joining Husseini Inspection Co. in Saudi Arabia as an NDT Personnel in October 1998. His role evolved as he was appointed NDT Coordinator at Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery, where he diligently served the Refinery Inspection Unit for three and a half years.

In 2002, Srinivas transitioned to Husseini Inspection Head office as a Technical Manager, later being promoted to Operations Manager in 2004. During his tenure at Husseini Inspection Co., he played a pivotal role in the establishment and implementation of a Saudization Training Program and introduced Advanced NDT Methods such as MFL, Tube Inspection, and Videoscopy, among others, in addition to overseeing regular company operations. In 2007, after nine years of dedicated service, he returned to India.

Under the guidance of Mr. Mutlaq Al-Motairy, Srinivas played a crucial role in the establishment of AXIS Inspection in 2008, starting with a small team. Today, AXIS stands as a home for a thousand multinational employees in Saudi Arabia, along with their family members, totaling four thousand individuals.

AXIS boosts a wide-ranging operational footprint across Saudi Arabia, serving various industry segments, including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Mining, and Construction. The company offers a spectrum of services encompassing Inspection Services, conventional NDT, Advanced NDT, and Industrial Plant Maintenance.

Presently, in his role as General Manager, he has been further promoted to the position of Director, where he oversees other businesses within the group, including Performance Minerals Factory Ltd., Aljazeera Gypsum Factory Ltd., and Taaqaat Technical Co. for Contracting, among others.

Fostering Collaboration and Growth

Srinivas describes his leadership style as one of neutrality and noninterference. He maintains an open-door policy, welcoming employees to seek his assistance in problem-solving while also empowering them to tackle challenges independently. He places trust in his team’s capabilities and believes in fostering strong working relationships. Encouraging professional growth, he provides ample support and emphasizes two-way communication, valuing the input of team members. Srinivas actively promotes collaboration and nurtures an environment where diverse perspectives are embraced. Over time, his leadership approach has evolved towards increased flexibility and adaptability, focusing on guiding and inspiring his team.

Fostering Trust, Recognition, and Growth

Under Srinivas’ leadership, he prioritizes building relationships with his team based on trust, respect, and transparency. He actively listens to his team members’ concerns, provides regular recognition and feedback, and offers opportunities for personal and organizational growth, development, and success. His organization started with a small team, but by setting clear expectations and providing the necessary resources and support, they are achieving their collective goals.

Navigating Challenges

The most challenging situations Srinivas has faced as a General Manager are:

1. Being understaffed. Inadequate staffing leads to incomplete work, missed project deadlines, customer frustration, and potential loss of future business opportunities.

  1. Ineffective or lack of communication, resulting in mistakes, incorrect task completion, and arguments among team members.
  2. Poor teamwork among employees, leading to prolonged completion of individual tasks.
  3. Having to let go of good or exceptional employees, resulting in additional workload for the General Manager and remaining staff.
  4. Insufficient support, potentially hindering project progress and slowing overall team productivity.
  5. Dealing with conflicts within the team.
  6. Making wrong hiring decisions.

    To overcome these challenges, Srinivas focuses on setting clear targets and goals, communicating effectively, and consistently monitoring and assessing employee performance. He exhibits persistence and optimism in their approach.

    Strategic Diversification and Sustained Excellence

    The achievements that Srinivas is particularly proud of during his tenure with Axis include the initial establishment as an NDT & Inspection service provider. After a few years of operation, Axis diversified into other divisions, offering industrial maintenance services, among others. Today, Axis has even established subsidiaries. Srinivas takes pride in maintaining Axis’ position as a leading contractor for more than a decade within SABIC, excelling in NDT & Inspection services, as well as industrial maintenance services.

    Leading the Technological Evolution

    In response to the evolving industry, Axis Inspection embarked on a journey of investing in modern technologies and techniques several years ago. They work closely with clients to identify suitable technologies aligned with industry trends, ensuring their implementation meets client needs and stays current with the pace of change. Axis is committed to leveraging these advancements to make a significant difference.

    Technological Trends in the Industry

    In the industry he operates in, Srinivas believes that key technological advancements like Industrial Digitalization and Robotics Systems will play a significant role in the coming years. These innovations reduce human involvement, enhance work efficiency, enable real-time monitoring, data collection, and analysis, and eliminate potentially dangerous tasks in hazardous environments.

    Innovative Industry Solutions

    AXIS understands customer and industry needs and fosters a culture of innovation. They allocate resources, promote risk-taking, and actively seek external perspectives. Moreover, they assist customers in resolving facility issues by introducing new technology, engaging OEMs, and collaborating with global experts.

    Guiding Principles for Success

    Srinivas holds a simple guiding philosophy or principle – just “believing yourself.” Be positive and persevering, focus and be open to change, and remain alert to new opportunities.

    Leadership Advice for Emerging Professionals

    The advice Srinivas offers to young professionals aspiring to reach leadership positions in the industry is “Be humble, goal-oriented, and decisive. Spend time with colleagues and be open. Focus on goals, understand the opportunities and threats, and identify the strengths and weaknesses”.

    Commitment to Lasting Partnerships

    As the general manager of Axis, Srinivas ensures a flexible schedule and remains accessible even during late hours or emergencies. With a strong emphasis on customer and supplier relations, he prioritizes finding innovative solutions for facility challenges. His dedication to sourcing cutting-edge technology from global markets underscores their commitment to delivering exceptional service. This approach has resulted in long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with both customers and strategic partners.


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