SEC Chief Gary Gensler Slams Crypto over Inadequate Disclosures



Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary
Gensler has slammed the cryptocurrency sector for not providing adequate disclosure
to investors compared to the traditional financial space. In an interview with
CNBC, Gensler said that most cryptocurrencies are considered securities
and must comply with the relevant laws.

Gensler’s comments came a few days after Robinhood’s
crypto arm received a Wells notice for a potential enforcement action by the
SEC. The regulator has issued similar notices to Coinbase and decentralized
finance (DeFi) crypto exchange Uniswap. The cryptocurrency market has
increasingly drawn regulatory scrutiny in recent years. During the interview,
Gensler addressed this issue, offering insights into the intersection
of cryptocurrency and traditional stock markets.

Broad Oversight

Regarding recent developments, Gensler maintains
that the SEC has a mandate to uphold legal standards in the financial industry.
He emphasized that the ongoing litigation and enforcement efforts seek to
safeguard investor interest.

“But stepping back from it, the field of crypto
assets, without prejudging any one of them, many of those tokens are securities
under the law of the land, as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court. So we
follow that law. And you, the investors, are not getting the required or needed
disclosures about those assets,” Gensler told CNBC.

Gensler outlined the SEC’s expansive jurisdiction, overseeing a staggering $110
trillion in capital markets. While the stock market constitutes a significant
portion, Gensler stressed that cryptocurrencies, though a smaller segment, are
disproportionately plagued by scams and noncompliance with securities laws.

Amidst mounting concerns over crypto-related frauds,
Gensler highlighted the lack of regulatory compliance within the crypto space.
He emphasized the crucial role of disclosures in traditional securities
markets, underscoring the disparity in transparency between crypto assets and
traditional securities.

Gensler Reaffirms Crypto Regulation

Responding to queries regarding the attention
dedicated to cryptocurrencies, Gensler underscored the media’s role in shaping
the discourse. Despite the spotlight on crypto, Gensler expressed his
commitment to addressing broader market issues, including ensuring investor
protection and market integrity. He maintains his long-standing stance that
most cryptocurrencies are securities.

Recently, Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev faulted the enforcement action by the SEC, saying: “Over the last three years, we’ve reached a state of
regulatory onslaught that is harmful to American companies and consumers. The
SEC’s continued attack on crypto, coupled with recent rule proposals like the
one related to predictive data analytics, mark yet another improper attempt by
the administrative state to stifle innovation.”

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