How Much Does Moped Insurance Cost?

Factors affecting moped insurance costs

Factors affecting moped insurance costs

Before getting a moped, it is important to know how much it would cost to insure it. The insurance cost of mopeds varies from one rider to another, and there are several factors to consider when calculating insurance rates. Below are some of the major factors that can affect the cost of moped insurance:

Age and Experience

Age and experience play a significant role in determining the insurance cost of a moped. The younger and less experienced the rider is, the higher the insurance cost. Young and new riders are considered a higher risk on the road because of their lack of driving experience. Therefore, they might pay a higher premium for their moped insurance than older or more experienced riders.

On the other hand, if the rider has a clean driving record, this can have a positive impact on the insurance rates. Insurance companies prefer riders with no history of accidents or traffic violations, which can lead to lower premiums. Many insurers also provide discounts for riders who have completed approved safety courses, which can help to lower the insurance cost.

Moped Type

The type of moped also influences the insurance cost. There are different moped classifications based on engine size, weight, and speed limits. Generally, mopeds with smaller engines have lower insurance premiums while those with larger engines and higher speeds attract higher premiums.

The value of the moped also affects insurance rates. High-end mopeds cost more to insure than entry-level or cheaper mopeds. The reason behind this is that expensive mopeds are at higher risk of theft and damage, making them a greater liability to the insurer.


The location of the rider also affects the cost of moped insurance. Insurers take into account the area where the moped is registered. Generally, insurance rates are higher in urban areas with a higher incidence of vandalism, theft, and accidents. Riders who live in low-crime areas, rural areas or suburbs are likely to pay lower premiums as they are considered less of a risk on the road and to the insurer.

Usage and Mileage

How often you use the moped and the mileage accumulated can also influence the insurance premium. Riders who use their mopeds daily or cover long distances are at higher risk of accidents and therefore attract higher insurance rates. Insurers also consider if the moped is used primarily for leisure or business purposes. Mopeds that are used for business purposes tend to have higher insurance premiums due to the increased exposure to risk on the road.

Security Measures

Finally, the level of security on the moped can also affect the insurance rates. Mopeds with anti-theft devices such as locks, immobilizers, alarms, and trackers are less likely to be stolen than those without any security features. This means mopeds with adequate security devices will pay lower premiums than those without. Therefore, riders can save on insurance costs by treating their mopeds with proper security and safety precautions.

By understanding the factors that dictate moped insurance premiums, riders can make informed decisions on the type of moped to buy and how to save on insurance costs. It is important to shop around and compare quotes from different insurers to find the best policy that suits their budget and needs.

Minimum coverage requirements for mopeds

moped insurance

When purchasing a moped, it is essential to consider the minimum coverage requirements for mopeds. Moped riders are required by law to have insurance coverage to protect themselves and other drivers while on the road.

In many states, moped insurance is mandatory and must meet the minimum state requirements. Minimum coverage typically includes liability coverage for injuries and property damage in the event of an accident. Liability insurance covers the cost of damages to other people and their property if you cause an accident while on your moped. This coverage does not cover any damage to your moped or injuries to yourself.

In addition to the minimum coverage requirements, moped riders may also choose to opt for additional coverage, such as collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage covers the cost of repairs or replacement of your moped if it is damaged in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers any damage to your moped outside of an accident, such as theft or vandalism. Additional coverage can help protect you and your moped if you are involved in an accident or if your moped is stolen.

The cost of moped insurance coverage varies depending on the coverage level and the driver’s record. Drivers with a history of accidents or traffic violations are considered high-risk drivers and typically pay higher premiums for their insurance coverage. Newer or more expensive mopeds may also have higher insurance premiums due to the cost of repairs or replacement if it is damaged or stolen.

When shopping for moped insurance, it is essential to comparison shop to find the best coverage and price for your needs. Be sure to ask about any discounts that may be available, such as safe driving discounts or discounts for bundling multiple insurance policies. Also, make sure you understand the coverage limits and deductibles for each policy, so there are no surprises in the event of an accident.

In summary, moped insurance is mandatory in many states, and riders must carry liability coverage to protect themselves and others on the road. Additional coverage, such as collision and comprehensive coverage, is available to help protect you and your moped in the event of an accident or theft. The cost of insurance coverage varies based on the coverage level and the driver’s record. Shopping around and understanding the coverage limits and deductibles is essential to finding the best coverage and price for your needs.

Average Cost of Moped Insurance

Moped Insurance

Riding a moped is a convenient and economical option for short-distance travel, but it’s important to consider the cost of insurance when purchasing one. Insurance prices vary depending on a few different factors.

Factors that Affect Moped Insurance Prices

The following factors may affect the cost of your moped insurance:

  • Driving record: Just like with car insurance, a clean driving record can result in lower insurance prices. If you have a history of accidents or traffic violations, you may have to pay more for insurance.
  • Location: Where you live can also affect your insurance rate. Urban areas typically have higher rates due to increased risk of theft or accidents.
  • Age and experience: Younger and less experienced riders may have to pay higher rates due to being considered a higher risk. However, some insurance companies offer discounts for completing a safety course.
  • Value of the moped: More expensive mopeds may require more expensive insurance coverage.

Average Cost of Moped Insurance

The average cost of moped insurance is around $300 per year for liability coverage only. If you choose to add collision or comprehensive coverage, the cost may increase.

Liability coverage typically covers damages you may cause to other people or property while riding your moped. Collision coverage may cover damages to your own moped in the event of an accident, while comprehensive coverage may cover theft or damages from non-collision incidents such as weather or vandalism.

While $300 per year may seem like a reasonable cost, it’s important to compare quotes from different insurance companies to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Some insurance companies may offer discounts for good driving records or for insuring multiple vehicles under the same policy. Additionally, some states may not require insurance for mopeds if they meet certain specifications, so it’s important to check your state’s laws before purchasing insurance.

Tips for Saving Money on Moped Insurance

Here are some tips for potentially lowering the cost of your moped insurance:

  • Choose a less expensive moped: A less expensive moped may require less expensive insurance coverage.
  • Increase your deductible: A higher deductible may result in a lower insurance premium.
  • Bundle insurance policies: Insuring multiple vehicles or policies under the same provider may result in lower rates.
  • Complete a safety course: Some insurance companies offer discounts for completing a safety course.

By considering these factors and tips, you can potentially save money on your moped insurance. Remember to always prioritize safety and make sure you have adequate insurance coverage before hitting the road.

Tips for reducing moped insurance costs

Tips for reducing moped insurance costs

When buying a moped, it’s important to consider all the costs associated with owning one, including insurance. Moped insurance costs can vary depending on a number of factors, including the make and model of the moped, the rider’s age and experience, and the level of coverage selected. Fortunately, there are a few things that moped riders can do to help reduce their insurance costs:

1. Shop around for the best deal

Just like with car insurance, different insurance providers will offer different rates for moped insurance. It’s important to shop around and compare quotes from a few different providers before making a final decision. Some providers may offer discounts based on factors like age or a clean driving record, so be sure to ask about any potential discounts.

2. Consider taking a safety course

Some insurance providers offer discounts for riders who have completed an approved moped safety course. These courses can help riders develop the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate a moped on the road. Not only can this potentially lead to lower insurance premiums, but it can also help riders avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.

3. Choose a higher deductible

When selecting insurance coverage, riders will typically have the option to choose their deductible – the amount they will pay out of pocket before the insurance company covers the rest. Choosing a higher deductible can help reduce monthly premiums, although it does come with the risk of having to pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident.

4. Invest in anti-theft devices

anti theft devices

Investing in anti-theft devices can help reduce the risk of theft, which can help lower insurance premiums. Popular anti-theft devices for mopeds include steering locks, alarms, and GPS tracking devices. Some insurance providers may offer discounts for riders who have installed anti-theft devices on their mopeds, so it’s worth considering.

5. Keep a clean driving record

clean driving record

Having a clean driving record is one of the best ways to keep insurance premiums low. Riders with a history of accidents or traffic violations may be considered higher risk by insurance providers, which can result in higher premiums. Practice safe driving habits and obey all traffic laws to help keep your record clean and your insurance costs down.

By taking these steps, moped riders can help reduce their insurance costs and enjoy the freedom and convenience of owning a moped without breaking the bank.

Comparison of Moped Insurance Rates Among Top Providers


One of the major costs associated with owning a moped is insurance. Unlike a car, moped insurance fees are typically much lower and vary based on a range of factors including the age of the rider, type of moped, and of course, the insurance provider. Because of this, it’s important to compare insurance rates among top providers to find the most affordable and suitable coverage plan for you.

1. Geico


Geico is one of the most well-known insurance providers in the US. Their moped insurance rates are among the lowest in the industry, starting at just $30 per month. However, the final price is subject to a range of factors including the level of coverage and the policyholder’s age, driving history, and the type of moped.

2. Nationwide


Nationwide is another highly rated insurance provider known for their affordable moped insurance rates. Their policies start at about $45 per month and can be customized to fit the policyholder’s needs. Some of the factors considered in the final price include the rider’s accident history, age, and driving experience, as well as the type of moped and its usage frequency.

3. State Farm


State Farm is a reputable insurance provider that offers flexible coverage options for moped owners. Their rates start at around $50 per month, with the final price determined by several factors including the driver’s age, policy options, and the type of moped. Policyholders can also opt for features such as roadside assistance and custom parts coverage to further tailor their coverage plan.

4. Progressive


Progressive is a well-known insurer with an extensive coverage network and competitive rates. Their moped insurance policies start at $30 per month and can be tailored for the policyholder’s needs and budget. Some of the main factors impacting the final price include the age and driving record of the rider, as well as the type of moped and its intended use.

5. Allstate


Allstate offers a range of moped insurance policies tailored to suit various rider needs. Their coverage options include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, with monthly rates starting at around $35. To determine the final price, factors such as the driver’s age and riding experience, the type of moped, and the desired level of coverage are taken into account.

In conclusion, finding the right moped insurance coverage for your needs and budget requires research and comparison among top insurance providers. By comparing rates and selecting a coverage plan that fits your situation, you can ensure your moped is adequately protected while saving money on insurance fees.

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