What is CCW-Safe?


CCW-Safe is a legal service membership that provides legal protection for members when they use their firearms in self-defense. This service is designed for concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit holders who want to ensure they have legal representation in case they defended themselves or their loved ones.

CCW-Safe was founded in 2013 by Timothy J. Lyon, a lawyer who has been practicing for over 20 years. He has represented clients in more than 175 jury trials and has been involved in numerous high-profile cases throughout his career. His expertise in criminal defense and self-defense cases led him to create this legal service membership for people who carry a firearm.

CCW-Safe believes that self-defense is a fundamental right and that CCW permit holders need to be protected in case they have to use their firearms in self-defense situations. The company offers different tiers of membership that provide varying levels of legal protection and services for members.

One of the key features of this legal service membership is the 24/7 emergency hotline. Members can call this hotline immediately after a self-defense incident and speak with a trained professional who can guide them through the legal process. This hotline is staffed by lawyers and experts who have experience in defending self-defense cases.

CCW-Safe also provides members with a team of lawyers who specialize in self-defense cases. These lawyers are available to represent members in court and provide legal advice throughout the entire legal process. Members can choose the level of legal representation they want, depending on their membership tier.

Another important feature of CCW-Safe is its use-of-force simulation training. This training is designed to help members understand the legal and practical aspects of using deadly force in self-defense situations. It involves realistic scenarios that simulate real-life self-defense incidents and provides members with valuable practice in making decisions under stress.

Overall, CCW-Safe provides legal protection, training, and support for CCW permit holders who carry a firearm for self-defense purposes. It offers peace of mind knowing that legal representation is available in case of a self-defense incident and that members have the resources to make informed decisions in these situations.

Why CCW-Safe may be a good choice for you


When it comes to carrying a concealed weapon, not only is it necessary to have legal certification, but also to make sure that you are protected in case of a shooting. CCW-Safe is an insurance company that provides members with both legal and financial protection in the event of a shooting. Here are a few reasons why CCW-Safe may be a good choice for you:

Legal Protection

CCW-Safe provides you with access to a network of attorneys who specialize in defending individuals who have used their firearms in self-defense. These attorneys are carefully chosen by CCW-Safe and are available 24/7 to members. One of the primary benefits of CCW-Safe’s legal protection is that they will advance the funds necessary to cover the costs of your legal defense. Any costs advanced by CCW-Safe will not be subject to repayment unless there is a successful resolution of your case. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the funds necessary for your legal defense, even if you don’t have the money upfront.

Financial Protection

In addition to legal protection, CCW-Safe also provides financial protection to members. One of the most important aspects of this protection is the freedom to choose your own attorney. With other insurance policies, you may be limited to a certain pool of attorneys who may not be the best choice for your particular case. With CCW-Safe, you can choose the attorney who you believe is best suited to defend you in court.

Another important aspect of CCW-Safe’s financial protection is that you are covered not only for criminal cases, but also for civil cases. This means that you are protected from potential lawsuits from people who believe that you were responsible for damages or injuries caused during the shooting incident. CCW-Safe covers up to $1,000,000 in damages per incident, and up to $250,000 for criminal defense. This protection ensures that you can focus on your personal life rather than worrying about the financial fallout from a shooting incident.

Training and Education

CCW-Safe recognizes that carrying a concealed weapon comes with significant responsibility. As a result, they offer their members access to an extensive library of training and educational materials. These materials are designed to improve your knowledge and understanding of the laws surrounding self-defense with a firearm. Additionally, CCW-Safe members have access to expert witness testimony and case analysis so they can better understand the intricacies and complexities of self-defense law.


In conclusion, CCW-Safe offers a comprehensive package of legal and financial protection, as well as training and education, for those who carry concealed weapons. With an extensive network of expert attorneys and financial protection which covers both criminal and civil matters, it ensures peace of mind and that you will be professionally represented in the event of a shooting. Furthermore, CCW-Safe’s extensive training and educational materials prepare its members to be responsible gun owners and ensure that they are knowledgeable about self-defense laws, which is crucial in today’s world. These benefits, combined with the affordability of CCW-Safe’s membership fees, make it an excellent choice for anyone who carries a concealed weapon.

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Benefits of CCW-Safe membership

CCW-Safe membership benefits

If you’re a gun owner or a concealed carrier, you may have heard of CCW-Safe. It is a legal service membership that provides financial and legal protection to its members. But what are the benefits of CCW-Safe membership? Let’s take a look:

1. Peace of mind

One of the most significant benefits of CCW-Safe membership is the peace of mind that it brings. Knowing that you have legal and financial protection in case of an unfortunate incident can help you carry your firearm with confidence. The thought of being involved in a self-defense situation can be stressful, but with CCW-Safe, you can focus on staying safe while they handle the legal and financial aspects of the situation.

2. Comprehensive legal coverage

CCW-Safe provides some of the most comprehensive legal coverage in the industry. Members receive 24/7 access to a network of attorneys who specialize in self-defense and firearms law. In case of a self-defense shooting incident, CCW-Safe attorneys will provide legal representation throughout the entire legal process, from the first interview to the final verdict. Moreover, CCW-Safe covers all costs associated with legal representation, including retainer fees, deposition fees, and court-related expenses. Members also receive coverage for appeals and any civil lawsuits that may follow. With CCW-Safe, you can rest assured that you have the best legal representation available.

3. Expert witness testimonies

Expert witness for self-defense cases

If you’re reading this section, you’re already in the right place to explore expert witness areas of the site. Please continue reading.

In some self-defense shooting cases, the prosecution may argue that your actions were not justified or that you used excessive force. In such cases, expert witness testimonies can be critical in proving your case. CCW-Safe has a team of expert witnesses who specialize in self-defense and firearms law. These experts will provide testimony and evidence to support your case in court. They will also consult with your attorney to develop the best possible defense strategy. Having access to expert witnesses can significantly increase your chances of success in a self-defense shooting case.

Expert witness testimonies can come from various professions


Psychologists are experts in human behavior and can offer valuable insights into the psychological aspects of a self-defense shooting case. They can testify about how the fear or anxiety of being in a life-threatening situation affects one’s perception of danger and the actions taken in response to that threat. They can also explain how the “flight or fight” response works and how it affects one’s decision-making process during a violent altercation.

Forensic experts

Forensic experts can provide scientific evidence to support your case. They can analyze ballistics, blood spatter, fingerprints, and other forensic evidence and provide testimony that supports your position. They can also help debunk any false or misleading evidence presented by the prosecution.

Use of force experts specialize in the use of lethal force in self-defense situations. They can explain the legal and ethical principles behind the use of deadly force and support your position that you acted lawfully and reasonably in the case in question. They can also provide tips on how to prepare ahead of time for the aftermath of a self-defense shooting incident.

Legal experts

Legal experts can testify about the nuances of self-defense and firearms law and explain why your actions were legal and justified. They can also help your attorney devise a legal strategy that maximizes your chances of success in court.

Final thoughts

CCW-Safe membership offers various benefits to gun owners and concealed carriers. It provides peace of mind, comprehensive legal coverage, and access to expert witnesses who can significantly increase the chances of success in a self-defense shooting case. Whether you’re a seasoned gun owner or a new concealed carrier, CCW-Safe membership is a valuable investment that can help you stay safe and protect your rights.

What does CCW-Safe cover?

CCW-Safe coverage

CCW-Safe is a legal defense membership program specifically designed for individuals who carry a concealed weapon. The program ensures that in the event of self-defense incidents, legal fees, and damages, members would be covered by the program. CCW-Safe membership covers a lot of ground, including:

1. Criminal Defense Protection

Criminal defense protection

CCW-Safe membership offers members assistance when it comes to criminal defense protection. In case a legal issue arises due to a self-defense incident, members can contact the program’s attorney team 24/7, so the attorneys can deliver ultimate representation and defend members’ rights through the criminal justice system. CCW-Safe program will provide legal support and representation to protect members’ rights against unjust prosecution and imprisonment.

2. Civil Defense Protection

Civil defense protection

Aside from criminal defense protection, CCW-Safe membership also provides civil defense protection, ensuring that members are not held financially liable for acts of self-defense in civil court. The program covers a wide range of protection from legal fees to property damage, which can save members thousands of dollars in legal fees and civil court charges if unfortunately, they get involved in a self-defense incident.

3. Critical Response Team

Critical response team

A critical response team is available to members of CCW-Safe. The response team comprises industry professionals, highly trained experts, and veterans who have the experience to provide members with unbiased insight and advice in critical situations. These professionals help provide moral support and guidance during that challenging time. Members will be assigned a critical response team care coordinator who will provide essential support, resources, and counsel to ensure their emotional and mental well-being.

4. Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide coverage

CCW-Safe provides nationwide coverage for its members, so irrespective of the state or county that you are living, as long as you have membership, the program will cover your legal defense needs.

Moreover, the program also has an extensive network of law firms, investigators, expert witnesses, and other professionals to ensure that members will always have the best legal support possible. Ensuring that the member will have access to exceptional resources and the latest advice that might be useful for their defense against any case issues.

In conclusion, CCW-Safe membership provides comprehensive legal coverage for its members, from criminal defense to civil defense protection. It provides a critical response team and offers members nationwide coverage. It is essential to understand the benefits offered to you when you become a CCW-Safe member to make an informed decision.

How to sign up for CCW-Safe membership

CCW-Safe membership

CCW-Safe provides reliable and comprehensive coverage for concealed carry license holders. The process to sign up for a membership is seamless and straightforward, and the benefits received are endless. This article shall guide you through the steps to sign up for a CCW-Safe membership.

Step 1: Choose a Membership Plan

Membership plan CCW-Safe

The first step to signing up for a CCW-Safe membership is to decide on which plan best suits your needs. CCW-Safe has different types of memberships, ranging from a monthly membership to an annual membership to a lifetime membership. Each plan offers various benefits which include legal defense coverage, education and training, among other features. It is essential to choose a membership that aligns with your budget and requirements.

Step 2: Fill in Personal Details

Personal details sign up

After choosing the membership plan, the next step is to fill in personal details. The information required includes your name, address, phone number, and email address. Ensure that you provide accurate information as the CCW-Safe team will use this to contact you when necessary. By submitting your details, you agree to the terms and conditions of CCW-Safe membership.

Step 3: Provide Payment Information

Payment sign up CCW-Safe

The final step to sign up for a CCW-Safe membership is to provide payment information. Payment can be made through various means, including credit card, PayPal, or check. CCW-Safe offers secure payment options that ensure your information and money is safe. Once payment is confirmed, a confirmation email shall be sent to you indicating your membership details, including the start and end date of the membership.

Step 4: Access Online Resources

Online resources CCW-Safe

After signing up for a CCW-Safe membership, you gain access to various online resources that will assist in enhancing your firearm knowledge and defense skills. CCW-Safe provides newsletters, blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts to their members, which equip them with valuable information on concealed carry, self-defense, and legal matters. Members also get access to online forums where they can interact with fellow members and learn from their experiences.

Step 5: Seek CCW-Safe Protection When Necessary

CCW-Safe protection

Finally, if ever in a self-defense incident, as a CCW-Safe member, you can seek the protection and support of CCW-Safe. CCW-Safe provides legal defense coverage, meaning that if you use your firearm in self-defense, they shall cover legal fees for civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings up to your plan limits. Members can also benefit from expert witness, crime scene reconstruction, investigation and expert consult services. By being a member, you gain peace of mind knowing that you have reliable legal defense coverage if ever in a self-defense incident.

In conclusion, signing up for a CCW-Safe membership is a wise investment for concealed carry license holders. The membership process is easy, and the benefits received are invaluable. By following these simple steps, you can become a CCW-Safe member and access legal defense coverage, education, and training, and other exclusive benefits.

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