Bringing comfort and elegance into your home this new year 

Bringing comfort and elegance into your home this new year 


“Versatility” is the reason why neutral themes remain a trend. The humble colors and neutral hues are a sustainable choice for interior design, graphics, fashion, and arts alike. It can balance and adapt to different moods and atmosphere transforming it to different vibes, whether a clean aesthetic, modern and luxurious setting, or make it a serene and relaxing space. 

Neutral tones are frequently selected for areas exposed to different levels of natural light during the course of the day. This is why different interpretations of achieving neutral themes in living rooms surfaces. Creating a neutral-themed space might seem daunting to some, but it doesn’t have to be. You can experiment with rich fabrics, elements that add depth, and a few gold accents to elevate the space.

Explore the products available at Wilcon Depot that you can integrate into your living room to enhance the ambiance it exudes. Unleash the hidden artist in you and infuse newfound neutral elements in your living space!

Designing a modern living room 

To create that modernity and elegant simplicity vibe in your living room, start with creating a space that allows for lounging and relaxing. Select colors with a neutral tone that gives off minimalistic yet modern vibes into the room. Choose from a Sarzana 3-seater sofa, a Crema Center Table, and a Monza Side Table to add a touch of elegance. The Sarzana 3-seater sofa is a fitting creamed-color, armless sofa for your living room. It gives off a cozy and elegant style where people can sit back easily.

For tables, choose from the Monza Side Table, a marble glass table top textured with Monza metal on its sides; or the Crema Center Table, which has a gorgeous marble top and golden side frames that give a sophisticated look to the space.

To add even more flair, choose a vast selection of beige velvet pillowcases with golden side frames or a Montana carpet.

A wall art décor can further enhance any empty space in the living room. Such decor has the power to transform the vibe of any space giving it more charm and personality. There are many types of wall art, such as paintings, photos, or prints, which come in different colors, styles, and sizes. The Heim Textual Wall Decoration can be a good start with its shiny and minimalistic style.

Every detail counts in home design, from ceiling to floor, which is why choosing the best floor tiles that bring functionality and aesthetics to your home is a must. Check out Saigres Statuario Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles for stunning floor tiles that will match your neutral-themed living room and wall decor. 

Adding stylish lights and lamps is another way to set the mood in the living room. Start with the Alphalux Pendant Lamp to highlight the room. Hanging a pendant lamp in the room can provide a mellow and cozy home ambiance that is reflected off the walls and the ceilings.

Elevating dining experience 

Wilcon Depot also has the best products when it comes to redecorating the dining room, giving it a stylish and luxurious vibe. There are a variety of selections, from Alphalux lighting to stylish table settings and functional countertops. 

To provide a luxurious feel, start with the Alphalux Pendant Lamp. It sets a warm and inviting ambiance, bringing a cozy feel into the dining area. In the table setting, the tablescape can be modernized with a Quartz Stone Countertop, a white bar chair, and a Fragranite Sink.  

Finally, combine these with white tableware such as the Inochi Yama Pitcher Carafe and the Kessel Parc Wine Drinking Glass, completing the elevated dining experience. 

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