After Widespread Layoffs, Lazada’s Brand Feelings Drastically Declined

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After the company carried out huge layoffs in Singapore and the surrounding area without informing the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union (FDAWU), their union, opinions towards the regional eCommerce firm Lazada have severely declined.
Prior to the cutbacks, terms like “products,” “innovative,” and “market” stood out in Lazada’s global cloud. The word cloud changed significantly after the layoffs, with words like “retrenchment,” “layoffs,” “union,” “baffled,” and “crying” sticking out. This occurs soon after FDAWU and NTUC announced that progress had been made in relation to the recent layoffs at Lazada.

Over the weekend, NTUC and FDAWU released a joint statement to the press in which they said Lazada had promised to fully collaborate and supply FDAWU with all information required to guarantee that the retrenchment exercise was conducted fairly.

“The FDAWU has acknowledged that Lazada apologized for not informing them before the layoffs. It stated, “Parties have decided to collaborate closely and prioritize workers’ interests in their negotiations.” “Lazada have also assured FDAWU that they will be consulted in advance for any future exercises.” Affected employees were informed that they will get two weeks’ wages for each year of service as part of the severance benefits package.

“FDAWU is negotiating for extra benefits for affected eligible workers since they do not find this adequate. It stated that the Ministry of Manpower will keep facilitating these talks.
The latest information was revealed shortly after the FDAWU and NTUC released a statement expressing their “disappointment” with Lazada for implementing a layoff exercise without informing the union. FDAWU said on Friday that it has taken the situation to the Manpower Ministry and that it has written to Lazada Singapore to express disapproval of the action. NTUC went on to state that it supports FDAWU and the impacted employees. “Lazada’s decision has greatly disappointed us as well.

“NTUC would like to emphasize how important it is for businesses to collaborate with their union in order to guarantee that a just and impartial procedure was conducted in order to protect the interests of all workers, particularly our Singaporean core,” the statement read.


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