A legacy of engineering excellence: MIESCOR celebrates five decades of exceptional service

A legacy of engineering excellence: MIESCOR celebrates five decades of exceptional service


The current business landscape in the Philippines has become more competitive over the years, compelling businesses to adopt an even more forward-looking approach to attain long-term stability and sustainability.

In achieving stability and longevity, companies recognize that beyond establishing and implementing good business strategies, they should also build a strong and skilled workforce to ensure effective execution and value creation for customers and stakeholders.

Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation (MIESCOR) has triumphantly pieced together the elements needed to succeed in the engineering and construction industry.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Meralco has consistently demonstrated service excellence and engineering expertise as it celebrates its 50th year with Miescor Group’s 10,000-strong workforce.

From being Meralco’s Plant and Engineering Division, MIESCOR was incorporated in 1973 and was later spun off as the engineering and construction arm of Meralco. Since then, MIESCOR has become a top-notch company offering services on engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance (O&M), and logistics and facilities management to the power, water, telecommunications, transport, manpower, and infrastructure sectors.

Meralco Vice President and MIESCOR President and CEO Richard O. Ochava

“It is a great honor to lead MIESCOR in its 50th year in the industry. As we commemorate the company’s half a century’s legacy, we remain steadfast to our commitment and dedication to providing exemplary service to our customers and stakeholders. We are ready to face and turn the challenges that await us into opportunities of growth that will pave the way for new milestones for the company,” Meralco Vice President and MIESCOR President and Chief Executive Officer Richard O. Ochava said.


MIESCOR’s core business comprises units that specialize in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Distribution Utility Services (DUS), Utility Attachment Management (UAM), Telecommunications Services (Telecoms), and Trading.

The EPC business unit ensures timely and safe completion of high-quality projects. It handles designing and supplying equipment and materials, and building facilities and infrastructure related to power, utilities, and transportation.

Among its recent projects were the recently energized 230kV and 500KV transmission lines in Zambales and the 500kV transmission line in Batangas, which help bring reliable power supply to the communities in the area.

THE FORCE BEHIND POWER. MIESCOR provides various services to distribution utility companies including Meralco, the country’s largest distribution utility company.

Meanwhile, through its DUS business unit, MIESCOR provides engineering design and technical services, facilities inspection and maintenance, meter reading, test and reseal, and other services vital to the operations of Meralco and other distribution utility companies.

In 2022, DUS launched its Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines (AOPL) service, a new business venture developed to assist Meralco in its implementation of the government’s Republic Act 11361 or the AOPL Act of 2019.

The UAM business unit ensures the safety and the integrity of Meralco facilities, which have foreign attachments like telecoms fiber optic cables and copper lines. It also provides fast evaluation of Request-to-Attach (RTA) applications, which is required from third parties such as cable companies and telcos prior to installing their service wires in Meralco facilities.

Other services provided are pole inventory and clearing operations, RTA audit, alley arm installation, unauthorized attachments survey, and correction and bundling of low sagging wires – all of which help Meralco’s fight against urban blight.

The Telecommunications business unit supports the industry in expanding telecommunications infrastructure and services. Over the past years, it has built and maintained networks for telcos, internet services providers, cable tv operators, mobile network operators and recently, the towercos. This business unit also connects the telcos’ and ISPs’ residential and enterprise customers for their internet service and network connectivity requirements. Today, Telecoms continues to deliver value to its customers by addressing the challenges while keeping its commitment to help customers achieve their goals.

MIESCOR, through its Trading business unit, partners with world-class manufacturers and suppliers to provide energy efficient solutions and high-quality products to its clients in the energy and power sector. Aside from provision of supplies, the business unit also offers delivery services of their products such as reclosers, kilowatthour meters, and instrument transformers, to name a few.


Committed to its vision of becoming a world-class EPC company and the service provider of choice, MIESCOR has been recognized by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB), the implementing agency of the Construction Industry Association of the Philippines.

UNPARALLELED EXPERTISE. MIESCOR has consistently been recognized by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) with a Quadruple A or “AAAA”, the highest license category for engineering, building and specialty electrical mechanical and communication facilities contractor, since 2018.

Armed with its wealth of experience and earned trust from its roster of clientele comprising local and global corporations, MIESCOR has been consistently classified by PCAB with a Quadruple A or “AAAA”, the highest license category for engineering, building and specialty electrical mechanical and communication facilities contractor, since 2018.

Another testament to the company’s commitment to cater high quality service to its customers and stakeholders, MIESCOR has also secured certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) such as the ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), and ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).

These certifications are a clear demonstration of how the company’s policies, practices and procedures are designed to ensure consistent service quality by meeting industry and international standards.


Resolute in continuing to create value for its customers and stakeholders, MIESCOR has evolved and grown over the years. It now has three (3) subsidiaries that cater various services to different sectors and industries.

MIESCOR BUILDERS INC. (MBI), established in 1995 as the first ever subsidiary, offers key services such as building construction and underground capability under civil construction, testing and commissioning, line construction and substation operations and maintenance to distribution utilities, industrial and commercial units. Building on the energy expertise of its parent company, MBI is classified by PCAB with a Category AA license.

Six years later, MIESCOR LOGISTICS, INC. (MLI) was incorporated to undertake logistics management, particularly of fleets and warehouses, facilities maintenance, manpower, and managed services to distribution utilities, industrial and commercial units, and even residential customers. It continues to expand its services which now include vehicle leasing and transport services, and short-term cleaning and facilities repair works offered to corporate and residential accounts. Aside from being classified by PCAB with a Category AA license, MLI also celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year.

Fast forward to the later part of 2021, MIESCOR established its youngest subsidiary to date. Constantly evolving and developing, MIESCOR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (MIDC), an independent tower company and a joint venture with US-based Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, was launched as its newest venture in the telecommunications space. The unit’s key services include shared passive telecoms tower infrastructure construction, operations, and maintenance.

In 2022, MIDC signed a sale and leaseback agreement with Globe Telecom, Inc. (Globe) valued at P26.2 billion. Under the said agreement, MIDC will acquire 2,180 towers and related passive telecom infrastructure from Globe. The companies have so far transitioned 1,149 towers to date and have an ongoing build to suit engagement for 235 towers. The transition is expected to be completed in 2024.

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MIESCOR continues to grow as its acquisition of MERALCO ENERGY, INC. (MServ), one of the country’s largest energy service companies (ESCOs) accredited by the Department of Energy (DOE), as its fourth subsidiary is underway.

Known as a one-stop shop for energy, engineering, and EPC services and classified by PCAB as Category AAA license, the strategic move to acquire MServ will further cement MIESCOR’s industry stature as MServ also serves as the lead integrator of One Meralco’s services to hyperscalers.

Meralco Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer and MIESCOR Chairman of the Board Ferdinand O. Geluz

“MIESCOR continues to blaze the trail for engineering excellence. I am also proud to say that this 50-year-old subsidiary is the highest revenue contributor to One Meralco. Beyond corporate achievement, MIESCOR continues to dedicate its service to the Filipino people and contribute to the development of our nation,” Meralco Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer and OIC for Subsidiary Businesses Ferdinand O. Geluz said.


MIESCOR’s most tenured employee, Ms. Lourdeliza E. Escañan, has been with MIESCOR for 42 years. She started as a clerk back in 1981.

For MIESCOR, its entire workforce is not merely viewed as employees but rather as a family and partners in the business. The company is dedicated to creating an environment where hard work is greatly valued, and the members of its workforce can thrive.

Hence, for its 50th year, the company also deemed it fit to also celebrate its loyal and dedicated employees. MIESCOR’s most tenured employee has been with them for 42 years.

Lourdeliza Esguerra Escañan, or more commonly referred to as Ma’am Lorna, started as an intern back in 1980. A year after, she officially became a part of the company’s workforce in 1981 as a clerk, and eventually became an Executive Secretary in 1992.

In her over four decades as a MIESCOR employee, Ma’am Lorna has worked under eight (8) company presidents. She is now a Senior Manager and the lead of the company’s Administrative Services Group.

“One of my greatest achievements is my 42-year (and counting) career in MIESCOR. I get to do what I love to do for the company I love. My bosses and co-employees give me utmost respect and dearly appreciate my abilities. I am given opportunities to lead by example and guide my colleagues especially the new ones and share the knowledge I learned from my experiences over the years,” Ma’am Lorna said.

“I will forever be thankful to MIESCOR for all the things they helped me accomplish and all the unforgettable memories I will cherish for the rest of my life,” she added.

While many job seekers would generally prefer to apply in companies that are established and have been around for decades, Ma’am Lorna took a chance on MIESCOR despite the company being relatively young, at that time having been around for only eight years.

Ma’am Lorna’s career journey is a clear demonstration of how MIESCOR nurtures talents and cares for the welfare of its people, which earns them their invaluable loyalty and dedication. Needless to say, MIESCOR’s workforce is among the pillars that have enabled the company to achieve stability and longevity.

Building on its rich legacy born from the values of integrity, accountability, and malasakit, MIESCOR will continue its mission to be the country’s premiere end-to-end engineering service provider. Propelled by the resilience, hard work, and shared passion of its exceptional workforce, MIESCOR’s legacy will continue to be passed on as it adds another fifty and more years to its history of excellent service.

Meralco Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and MIESCOR Director Ronnie L. Aperocho

“As we celebrate MIESCOR’s 50 years, we also celebrate each and every employee, past and present, who has contributed to and has been part of the company’s legacy. For half a century, MIESCOR has served as a beacon of hope through its programs and initiatives that have affected positive change not just to the lives of our customers but also to the communities we serve and to our nation,” Meralco Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ronnie L. Aperocho, who also sits on the Board of Directors of MIESCOR, said.


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